3 Major Causes of dog anxiety that you need to know about

Dogs do experience anxiety just like it happens with humans. While it might be unpleasant, it is something which is quite normal and an emotion which is healthy. All breeds of dogs can be affected by anxiety but each dog tends to be affected differently.

And although it is something which is unique in each dog and happens from time, if it is not put in check there is a possibility of the dog developing anxiety disorder. And if the anxiety disorder is not treated using things such as the Suzie’s CBD Treats, it might lead to various issues including those with their behaviors.

How is it possible to know that your dog is suffering from anxiety? What should you do in order to treat it from the same? This article will ensure that you get to understand all that and know what you are to do and when to do it. You will get the knowledge which you require as a dog owner to help in treating and managing dog anxiety:

Causes of dog anxiety

As per the Suzie’s CBD Treats, the dog anxiety can be caused by various things. Some of the ones which are common include:

  • Aging
  • Separation
  • Fear

Anxiety related to fear

It can be caused by strange animals or people, loud noises, visual stimuli such as umbrellas or hats, strange or new environments, certain situations such as car rides or veterinarian office, or surfaces like wood floors or grass. There are certain dogs which might only have a small reaction to such stimuli but the anxious dogs will be affected consequentially.

Separation anxiety

It is believed to affect about 14% of dogs. Those suffering from separation anxiety tend to be unable finding comfort when they are left alone or when separated from the members of family. The anxiety normally manifest itself in behaviors that are undesirable like defecating or urinating in the house, destroying furnishings or furniture and barking.

Anxiety that is related to age

It is known to affect the older dogs and can be associate with the CDS – cognitive dysfunction syndrome. In dogs which have the CDS, learning, memory, awareness and perception start to go down, and it is similar to the initial stages of Alzheimer disease that happens in humans. It is understandably what leads to anxiety and confusion in older dogs.

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