Considering Shepherd Chow Mix For Your Family? Here’s An Overview!

When it comes to selecting a furry friend for your family, knowing the preferred breed in detail is absolutely important. As the name suggests, the shepherd chow mix is a mix between two legendary breeds – German Shepherd and Chow Chow. So, is the German shepherd Chow mix an ideal family dog? Here are some things worth knowing.

The look

Chow Chow breed is known for cute looks, floppy ears and an incredibly stunning coat, while German Shepherds are fiercely loyal and protective dogs. The Chow coat is pretty evident, while the long body is a characteristic trait. Chows have a unique black tongue, which can be found in some German Shepherd Chow mix dogs.


German Shepherd Chow mix is a rare and unique breed in many ways, and these dogs are best suited for big homes with a big family, where they can expend all their happy energy. These dogs are extremely intelligent, and with early training, they pick up commands rather well. Some German Shepherd Chow mix dogs do suffer from separation anxiety and can be really curious, which is why it is best to have someone at home at all times.


Since German Shepherd and Chow Chow are medium to large breeds, the mix of both also have a similar size. Adult dogs are usually 24 inches tall and can weigh up to 95 pounds (often more in some cases).


The German Shepherd Chow mix is considered to be a rather healthy breed, but some of the traits of the parent breed are evident. These dogs can be prone to hip dysplasia, and grooming is absolutely important and critical.

Things to note

  • German Shepherd Chow mix dogs need a lot of exercise, to use their energy, and therefore, they are best suited for homes and not small apartments. If you want to limit the dog to an apartment, ensure that they spend at least an hour in the park every single day.
  • The diet remains the same as the parent breeds, but do not treat the dog too often. With German Shepherd Chow mix dogs, training with some can be a challenge, and it is best to start early. Get a good dog trainer and ensure that you get at least basic training done, so that your dog knows to follow commands.
  • Another thing that matters is their coat. Both German Shepherd and Chow have thick coats with a dense undercoat, which need attention. You may have to take your German Shepherd Chow mix for regular grooming sessions, and it is also absolutely important to brush regularly.
  • With mixed-breed dogs, regular health checkups should be a priority. Ensure that your dog gets the best possible veterinarian care from an early age. Watch out for aging issues.

Final verdict

If you can get your German Shepherd Chow mix dog enough exercise and start training early, this could be a perfect breed for your family. Watch out for their behavioral changes as they grow up.

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