How to Get Dog Fur Out of Anything

Don’t you just hate having to deal with dog fur everywhere? You see it all around their calming pet bed from PetSwag, your couches, curtains, and even your clothes! This is normal especially during the shedding season, and the issue can get out of hand.

Not to worry, as there are ways you can get through the worst of the shedding! Check out this list on how you can get rid of dog fur easily.

  1. Remove fur from furniture

When removing fur from furniture, there are different methods to follow:

  • Rubber gloves are a proven method to deal with fur and hair on any furniture. Wear Playtex gloves and rub them in one direction, you’ll watch the fur ball grow on the gloves!
  • Dry sponges are also helpful, as they help ball up fur. Most people recommend slightly dampening it, too!
  • Dry or dampened microfiber cloths can remove hair from furniture easily, along with Velcro-type lint brushes.
  • Opt to cover your furniture with slipcovers or blankets, as well as your car with dog car seat covers. You can then remove them to wash, replacing them with another cover. This keeps fur and hair away from furniture, as well as dust, dirt, and other debris.
  1. Remove fur from clothes

When you’re facing fur issues on your clothes, you can also try the tips above, and to use additional methods like:

  • Hair rollers, which can be brought and used anywhere
  • Tape, particularly duct tape or packaging tape
  • Hide your clothes away from your pet, who may want to roll over your clothes. Keep them in a closet to prevent flying dust and fur from getting into your clothes.
  • Prevent fur from getting anywhere too much by grooming your dog regularly. Brushing and pet grooming, along with using high-quality shampoo and rinses, will definitely help in keeping fur away. Feeding them good food and supplementing them with vitamins will help lessen the shedding, too!
  1. Remove fur from anywhere else

Besides what’s mentioned above, here are other tips to get rid of fur from other places, such as:

  • Use brooms and vacuums to get rid of fur from the floors. Squeegee-bristle rubber brooks work wonders
  • Damp mopping will work well on tiled floors
  • You can try using the bottom of rubber-soled shoes to remove fur from carpets
  • If possible, opt for hardwood or tiled floors, as carpet is a huge problem for pet owners. For those who really love carpet, maybe have the color match your pet to prevent it from looking too obvious in-between cleanings.
  • Make sure that you also keep your home a healthy one by changing the air filters and bed covers regularly. This prevents allergies and the like, which is common for those with sensitive respiratory systems.

Wrapping It Up

While we can’t completely control how much fur our dogs shed, we can always find ways to clean up the fur quickly and with ease. If you have fur shedding problems, follow these tips to ensure a clean and healthy home!

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