How to Keep Your Cat Healthy and Free from Boredom

Cat owners are aware of the immense benefits when keeping their pets indoors. It diminishes the chances of being hit by vehicles, bite wounds or animal attacks from dogs or strays, infectious diseases, exposure to chemicals and toxins, and more. In fact, indoor cats are known to live longer compared to cats who live outdoors, or a combination of indoors/outdoors.

However, there is one issue when keeping your cat inside: They become ‘bored’! When your cat becomes bored and without toys, it can lead to various problems, like scratching the furniture, aggression towards people and animals, depression, over-vocalization, change of appetite, excessive sleeping, among others.

So what can you do to keep your cat healthy and happy as they stay at home? Here are a few helpful tips to follow:

  1. Provide good views

Build a window perch or seat for your cat to give them a view, letting them watch the outdoors. This creates a stimulating environment.

You can create more of a stimulating view outdoors by installing a bird or squirrel feeder to attract animals that interest your cat. If possible, place a cat bed near the window for your cat to see outside comfortably.

  1. Get a scratch post

Scratch posts are very beneficial for cats as it can help shed their nails’ outer layers, mark their territory, and they will enjoy playing with it. Scratching is an instinctive behavior that lessen their boredom and frustration, and it’s way better for them to scratch on their own post than the furniture.

  1. Buy the right toys

Invest in the right pet toys for cats, which you can find from stores like Peggasus Pets! Trial and error may be needed here, as not all cats like the same toys, so you’ll have to learn what your cat likes. Ball toys, toy wands, the sky is the limit on what toys your cat would want!

Ensure that they have access to many cat toys as they tend to misplace them and rotate their toys to maintain their interest. It’s also best to give your cat catnip to stimulate their want to play and stay active. Catnip can also help with boredom, as their attention is focused on the catnip over their negative feelings.

  1. Schedule playtime and give lots of love

Take time off to play with your cats twice a day. Let them chase a ball or feathery flyers for at least 10 minutes per playtime. You can play with toys with them while you’re watching television or working since you just need to toss a ball or hold their toy wand.

Also, make sure that you give them a lot of your time and attention as well. Rest and relax together, which lessens their boredom and helps you build a relationship with them.

Wrapping It Up

A bored cat is an unhappy cat, so you have to make sure you do something about it to prevent its negative mental and physical effects! Follow these tips now to keep your pet happy and healthy with his indoor environment.

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