Important Things to Know About Cockatoos

Cockatoos are cute, affectionate, and beautiful birds. With proper care, they make excellent pets. Cockatoos have the longest lifespan of any pet, and you can reasonably expect them to stay with you for life. However, there may be several. Know what you’re getting into before bringing it home. 

Pet owners know how quickly they bond with their new pets.

 Many people’s lives change dramatically when they lose their beloved pet. If their pet dies within a few years, they fall into severe mental depression for a long time. Therefore, if you want to have a cockatoos pet, you must consider it a permanent part of your family and how much are cockatoos. 

Before even considering getting a cockatoo, you should first consider cockatoos as children. You can’t leave your child alone all day. Cockatoos should also not be left alone all day. They need a lot of interaction. If no one is home during the day, it’s not advisable to get one of the cockatoos. The cockatoo is an emotional bird species and needs human contact every day. 

Another thing to understand is that cockatoos live for a very long time. They can live up to 100 years! The bird, cage, and accessories are expensive! You will probably take care of this bird for the rest of your life. It is also a very expensive bird. Cockatoos need a large cage. 

Toys are a must have for your bird. If they do not have toys, they will not get the necessary mental activity. It can lead to serious health problems. Toys should also be changed at least once a month. Birds get bored when they have the same toys all the time. 

For your bird’s diet, you can’t just feed seeds. Some seeds are fine, but buy food that is mostly pellets. You will have to prepare fruits and vegetables every day. Remove fresh food after it has been in the cage for a while. 

Cockatoos have dust on their feathers and should be bathed or showered weekly to prevent dust buildup. Wings, beaks, and claws should also be trimmed. If you are allergic, this bird is not recommended for you. 

Every day you will need to wash the dishes and water and clean the feather dust. The bottom tray of the cage should be cleaned twice a week. Once a week, the entire cage and all accessories should be cleaned. 

Cockatoos have a strong bond with their owners. They are highly adorable and affectionate. However, they are very similar to babies and will require your attention. They will scream, throw things, or even bite to get your attention if you ignore them. A person is supposed to stay at home most of the time with this bird. 


If you pay close attention to your bird, you will be richly rewarded with a charming and adorable bird. Ensure you create adequate time to spend with the bird. These birds can cause serious problems if left unattended. Many people buy these birds without knowing what they are getting into and then give them away.







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