What Is the Best Dog Insurance?

If you want to adequately insure your pet, you need to find out more about your pet insurance options. Doing so will put you in a better buying position. Pet insurance cover spans three specific areas, these are accident cover, comprehensive cover, and major medical protection.

Accident Cover for Your Dog

Accident cover, as the name suggests, protects your canine if he gets struck by a car or gets hurt whilst engaged in play or another activity. Comprehensive insurance covers both accidents and illnesses. If your pet suffers from hip dysplasia, he can get treated for the condition. Alternatively, if he receives a cut or similar injury, the plan will cover him. In either case, the insurance usually pays 80%, with each insurance offering a yearly benefit limit.

Major Medical

Major medical features accident protection, illness cover, and routine care cover. You can choose an excess when choosing any of the policies. If you feel you cannot afford the excess, or out-of-pocket expense before the insurance begins, do not select it. Choose a $0 excess to play it safe. Otherwise, you can choose from $100 or $200. Selecting the higher amounts will lower your premium.

Review Your Dog’s Habits and Consider His Breed

When trying to find the best pet insurance for dogs, you need to review your dog’s habits and consider his breed. For instance, maybe you own a Golden Retriever. This breed is known to have a genetic tendency toward the aforementioned hip dysplasia. Dogs of this breed also suffer from cancer more than other breeds. Therefore, the insurance plan that you choose should be able to cover your pet in these areas.

What Is Your Dog’s Demeanour?

If your dog is an active dog, he may get into mischief more than other more placid canines. If this is the case for you, you certainly will not want to forego accident or injury cover. If you only opt for accident cover, the vet probably has given your dog a strong endorsement with respect to his health. Therefore, a hardy breed may not need as extensive of protection.

How Old Is Your Dog?

When making an insurance selection, you also need to consider your dog’s age. Check out what the terms cover for dogs who are older than seven years old. What do you think you will need to cover in the future for your dog? By reviewing the insurance plans online, you can find just the right protection for your canine companion and friend.

Dogs that are covered by insurance live longer and healthier lives. That is why you cannot overlook this type of financial protection for your pet. After all, a dog invests his time in you, the least you can do is make sure that time is well spent.

Applying for the Cover

To apply for insurance, you should go online and fill out the insurance company’s form to obtain a free quote. You will need to enter your pet’s name and his or her breed. You will also need to click the gender of your pet. Indicate if the pet is a cat or dog, and if he or she has been neutered or spayed. You will also need to add when your pet was born. If you have a second, third, or fourth pet, add them too. Get a quote and make a decision today.

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