When should puppy socialization begin?

Dogs are lovely pets that do not only keep one’s company but also bond with one to become a member of the family. However, when you just got a dog, you must allow your dog to learn how to socialize with other dogs and people. Although many dog owners are confused about the right time to socialize their puppies, it is believed that the best time to socialize your puppy is in the first year.

Are you searching for the right time puppy socialization should begin? Do you want to know how to socialize your puppy during their first year? Can dog daycare help socialize your puppy? Do not search further; read more.

It is important to know that socializing your puppy keeps them to learn good manners and be well-behaved around other animals and people. Puppy socialization enables a puppy to feel comfortable in new environments without feeling fearful, anxious, or reckless.

When should puppy socialization begin?

The answer to the question: “When should puppy socialization begin?” is during their first year. Puppies have been found to have the ability to handle new experiences from 3 to 12 weeks old. They may, however, be cautious about new things they have yet to be exposed to after that stage.

Puppies should start socialization classes from 7 to 8 weeks. Take your puppy to the veterinarian for one round of vaccines and the first round of deworming at least 7 days before starting the socialization classes.

When your puppy reaches 12 to 14 weeks old, continue the socialization by introducing your puppy to new environments. Your feline can build on good behaviour when exposed to a positive environment. The importance of a positive environment, like dog daycare, cannot be overemphasized, as your puppy will meet other dogs of different ages and breeds and other people, and learn new things.

It is crucial to take your puppy to a dog daycare to mingle with other dogs and people. This will make your puppy feel safe and secure while learning new things, and getting used to being living without you around for some time, especially when you go to work.

How to socialize your puppy during their first year

In addition to the above, follow the steps below to socialize your puppy during their first year:

  1. Take your puppy to a dog daycare
  2. Walk your dog on weekends, keeping in mind to put safety measures in place
  3. Go to a park with your dogs
  4. Take your puppy to the houses of family and friends that have dogs and children
  5. Allow other people to play with your puppy
  6. Expose your puppy to me sounds, textures, and sights


Let your puppy socialization start during their first year and take advantage of dog daycare to help with the process. Follow the tips above to make your puppy sociable.

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